A Day at the Zoo

Author: Patti Rea [Send Message]
Skill Level: Grades K-2   
Curriculum: Language Arts   Science  
Accessibility Features: Switch  
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Take a trip to the zoo without ever leaving the classroom! Photos and movies of zoo animals create an exciting virtual field trip. All movies and photographs are from the QuickTime Classroom Collection CD Vol 2 from Adaptive Technology. For more information on these movie collections visit the IntelliTools online store or contact Patti Rea at prea@earthlink.net


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Required Software:
IntelliPics Studio 3 or IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Overlay Maker


03/11/2013 Patti Rea
First be sure you have imported the Day at the Zoo activity into Classroom Suite. That brings all the pieces in (movies, etc) Then to copy the movie, play the movie in Classroom Suite. When it is finished, right click the movie and Unlock it. When you see the drag handles, you can copy by usinng Control C OR Edit/Copy. You can then paste it into another Classroom Suite activiy with Control V or Edit/Paste. It is a quicktime movie so can be used in any application that uses the QuickTime player. I hope this helps and answers your question. There are other ways to copy the movies but this might be the easiest. Also know the movies play automatically in Day at the Zoo because the Action-Play Movie has been added to every page. Normally you lock them and click them to play. You can go to Pages/Page Properties,click the Actions tab and see the action that makes the movie play automatically. If I have not answered your question please let me know. Patti prea@earthlink.net
03/11/2013 - Lortiz2010
I tried to copy and save the movies but could not get them to play. It kept saying it was unable to open them.
06/14/2011 Patti Rea
Re: Trouble downloading- I just downloaded and imported A Day at the Zoo into Classroom Suite 4 without any trouble. The photos and movies on all pages played correctly when opened within Classroom Suite 4.
Please let me know specifically what trouble you are having. You can email me offline at prea@earthlink.net
1)Can you download and find the file? It will be named adayatthezoo.zip
It will import as a zipped file into CS4.
2)What version Classroom Suite are you using? Patti
06/14/2011 - Lortiz2010
I had trouble downloading and finding the animation. Any suggestions?
01/25/2006 - Ann P
Love this! Absolutely great!
07/26/2005 David Robertshaw
Love it, Patti!