Author: Chris Remick [Send Message]
Skill Level: Birth-5   
Curriculum: Language Arts   Life Skills   Social Studies   
Accessibility Features: Switch  
Activity Details:

Students can choose farm animals to add to a barn yard. The animals can ne selected moved and resized. The ITCS animals sounds are attached to add sound support and motivation. Overlay attached.


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Screenshot of Barnscene
Required Software:
IntelliPics Studio 3 or IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Overlay Maker


05/12/2010 smiller30
Hey Chris!! Nice! Sharon Miller
03/16/2007 remickcw
Thanks Elizabeth. It is always great to get good feedback.

03/15/2007 - Elizabeth FLetcher
I love the activity and the actions that you can apply to the animals. My kids love it, and we use it to work on all different facets of language.