Christmas Words Cause Effect

Author: Alicia Odom [Send Message]
Skill Level: Grades K-2   
Curriculum: Language Arts   Life Skills   Social Studies   
Accessibility Features: Switch  Low Vision  
Activity Details:

Designed for students with low vision in mind, this simple cause effect activity introduces some Christmas and holiday season related words paired with music and intellimation. Appropriate for any age. Now new and improved with overlays (3 2X2 and 1 4X3) and an adjusted "elf" page to better accommodate those with low vision. Please let me know if you have problems with the overlays as I'm new at using Overlay Maker.

Required Software:
IntelliPics Studio 3 or IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Overlay Maker


11/16/2007 - mgiuffre
We had a lot of fun with this today. Great simple switch activity that is also age appropriate. Thank you!
12/11/2006 aodom
Just an update on getting the overlay to work: you need to add an action to each page to have it return to the title page or a "menu" page you'll need to create. Then it should "behave" appropriately. AND if you make the "songs" toolbar visible, you should be able to use it for step scanning.
12/11/2006 - Andrea C
This is so wonderful!!! Visuals and auditory stimulation with popular songs are great for most of my students any age....I even enjoy it!!!
12/09/2005 aodom
Help from those of you more experienced than I! If you know how to make the overlays work right please fill me in. The first one or two "hits" work OK but then it quits going to the correct page. The music plays but no intellimation. Thanks in advance! Alicia
12/08/2005 - kjkindseth
We used this during a workshop. Everyone loved it!!! Kudos.
12/06/2005 - destiny2000
i love this my daughter loves music and she loves this and and teaches her xmas words
11/30/2005 schwan63
I like that you carry the song out long enough for students to enjoy the chorus. Great simple cause effect activity that I can use with my vision impaired students as well as those with vision. Thanks for the hard work.