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"CHRISTMAS" Acrostic

Screenshot of "CHRISTMAS" Acrostic
Required Software:
IntelliTalk 3 or IntelliTools Classroom Suite

size: 102.93 Kilobytes
uploaded: 05/06/2011
Created By: Grace Brandon [Send Message]
Skill Level: Grades K-2   
Curriculum: Language Arts   Life Skills   
Accessibility Features: Switch  Low Vision  
Activity Details: This is a simple writing activity in the form of an acrostic poem. Students spell out the word "Christmas" and are given 3 choices, and they are able to choose what they would like each letter to represent. Can be used with all ages.

**Some pictures from Microsoft Clip Art**

**Updated 12/6/06**

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12/07/2009   KarenButzen
Nice job, Grace!!
Karen Butzen

12/12/2006   GBrandon
Thank you Mariam, for your help in revising the activity!

12/03/2006   Miriam Diamond-Barber
I loved the activity. There were a few spelling errors, and I also fixed the speech on some of the words. I added erase a paragraph, so the student could change his mind. I will be glad to send you the revised version.

12/01/2006   GBrandon
You are very welcome. My pleasure! :)

12/01/2006   Lucy Nutt
This is super! Thanks so much for doing it for us!

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