Dress Santa

Author: Tracy Janysek
Skill Level: Birth-5   Grades K-2   
Curriculum: Language Arts   
Accessibility Features: Switch  
Activity Details:

Dress Santa in time for Christmas. This activity is great for teaching clothing items as well as cause and effect. The student touches each item and Santa 'puts' it on. The final key is 'Santa is ready!'. There is also a black and white overlay included to add more drama to the activity. You can print out the final image or cut the overlay and create sequence cards.


User Rating: ***** (6 ratings) Downloads: 6191
Screenshot of Dress Santa
Required Software:
IntelliPics or IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Overlay Maker


12/22/2014 dalegfox
It's frustrating to see these older activities and not be able to download them.
10/26/2011 - maryhamelin
Here is an update on my predicament. I found this folder in a second my documents folder. When I downloaded it was in the section that said application. I redownloaded it into files and downloaded it into Classroom Suite. Now, when I opened it jus the first picture appears and that is all I can get.
Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?
10/25/2011 - maryhamelin
Can anyone help me. I really like this story. I used it with my class many years ago. Well I just tried to down load this about 10 times. It says saved in my documents/intellitools activities. But, when I go to upload into Classroom Suits I can't find it in My Documents?
What can I do?
11/25/2007 sandyborrelli
Very cool, and you have inspired me to get busy on authoring!!
11/29/2006 Dan Herlihy
If you are importing an older IntelliPics activity into IntelliPics Studio or Classroom Suite import it by opening a New, Blank IntelliPics Studio document, and from the File menu choose Import IntelliPics File. This may help also.
12/13/2005 - maryhamelin
I downloaded this activity several and two computers ago. I would like to download this again but there doesn't seem to be a button to download.
Can you help me?
01/03/2005 - arty
My guess is that you are importing into IntelliPics Studio, and probably an earlier version of it. Go to www.intellitools.com and update your version with a free download. This should fix any corruption when importing IntelliPics activities.
12/09/2004 - SamJack
I have gotten a corrupted file message also....any suggestions?
12/09/2004 - arty
Here is the easiest answer and solution: When the activity was saved originally it apparently had a preference toggled to hide toolbars as it was probably being used with an IntelliKeys. When that activity was imported into IntelliTools Classroom Suite it carried this preference with it ergo no toolbars show. Solution: in IntelliTools Classroom Suite/IntelliPics Studio open the activity then either select Custom Toolbars and Buttons from the Edit menu or keyboard Control + H (Command + H for Mac). The toolbars will appear as dark squares along the left edge, 3 in upper corner and 3 in the lower corner. Select one of the 3 in the top and the title "Pictures" will appear in the yellow Selected Toolbar box. Uncheck the box that says Hide Toolbar. The other toolbars may also be used for variation on the activity and include numbers, colors and size. Each may be shown and hidden as you wish using this same procedure. Then select Done and from the File menu select Save As Activity. Each time you use this activity now, the toolbar will be showing.
12/09/2004 - kmstcyr
I imported this into the Windows version of Classroom Suite. All that appears on the screen is Santa. The clothing pics don't appear and nothing happens when you click on Santa. Can the activity only be completed using the intellikeys?
12/08/2004 - Hannasch
my students really enjoy playing this game!
12/07/2004 Vicki Clarke
very cute with nice graphics!