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Graphic Organizer - Writing Based on Photos

Screenshot of Graphic Organizer - Writing Based on Photos
Required Software:
IntelliPics Studio 3 or IntelliTools Classroom Suite
Overlay Maker

size: 499.26 Kilobytes
uploaded: 05/06/2011
Created By: Arjan Khalsa [Send Message]
Skill Level: Grades 3-5   
Curriculum: Language Arts   Social Studies   
Activity Details: A graphic organizer is a tool to use graphic representation to provide an organizational structure for writing. One simple vehicle is to write about pictures. This basic template gives the student or teacher the opportunity to place a set of pictures at the bottom of the screen. As the student "turns" the page, they click on a picture to serve as the writing stimulus.

What’s new and different about this? 1) The student has the power to organize their writing by choosing the picture for each page. 2) The window has been specifically sized to fit most horizontal digital pictures without making them look stretched.

How to use this: Populate each button at the bottom of the screen with the digital picture. Save your work. Then, use it this way: on each page, click on an image to fill the screen with the photo. Write about the photo.

Tell A Friend

10/17/2006   Joan McLemore
My daughter loves flowers, so I have used this activity to put together a book of Flowers, from our photos.

10/17/2006   Janine Pang
Arjan- Great activity. How about adding another (optional) sccaffold for those who may need a word or phrase bank for each picture.
Thank you so much.

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